Are we able to build the house we want?

We can help you design and build the home of your dreams using our decades of experience to create a rural or suburban retreat that you will love well into the future. Talk to us about a custom-made design that suits your individual needs. Come to us with your list of must-haves and hope-to-haves and we will take you through the process.

Can you manage sloping or difficult sites?

We are experienced in all sorts of challenging sites. Regardless of what the challenges might be, our team of design and building specialists are versed for creative solutions that work well for everyone.

Can you assist us with setting up a septic system?

Yes, given the rural and acreage nature of large parts of our location, we have extensive experience and expertise with septic systems and will help you set up the appropriate system for your needs and advise you of regulatory and associated issues.

Can you assist with obtaining the relevant permits?

We can easily assist you with dealing with the local authorities to obtain any relevant permits. Our extensive network of local area contacts and industry experience means that we have a very detailed understanding of the local council operates and the things they need to see in place in order to plans to be approved.