Quantum Homes Custom New Homes


Quantum Homes is a family-run business that specialises in building quality homes in the picturesque Gisborne and Macedon districts of Victoria. With more than 30 years in the industry and decades of experience working in rural locations, our expertise extends beyond the ordinary.

Haven’t found a home you absolutely love?…… well why settle for anything less? Have your home specially designed and built for you at Quantum Homes.

At Quantum Homes, our own design team can transform your ideas and concepts into a fully working and functional home. Whether you take one of our many designs and rework it to suit your needs, or have your own plans, we can work with you to achieve a home you will truly love, because it will be specially designed for you.

If your site is a little tricky, no problem, we can specially design a home for you that maximises the potential and minimises the obstructions. With land in limited supply, and sites becoming smaller, a custom design will see your site reach its full potential with views, solar access, tailored and unique solutions all in keeping with the streetscape. This will not only achieve a unique home that you will love, but add value to your greatest asset.

If you are not satisfied with having a home that is reproduced on a mass scale, but rather dream of a home you can truly call unique and yours, then a custom designed home is for you. Think that a customised home costs more, well think again. We do not charge any more for designing and constructing a custom designed home. With our competitive prices, our staff can work with you to design a home to your requirements and within your budget.

Getting Started

The beginning stages of a home build can feel daunting. When speaking to your builder, be sure to bring them in early on in the process, because getting started on the right foot makes all the difference throughout the build and on the end result. Get in touch with us to book your complimentary consultation, where you can expect the following:

  A comprehensive review of your land.

  A detailed analysis of your lifestyle requirements.

  A review of any current plans if you have them.

  A discussion around your budget and preferred timeline.

  Any other questions you may have.

  Learn what's in our comprehensive List of Quality Inclusions.